What Do I Know?

What do I know? Cheesecake on my fork and before at the market I search out for organic fruit. In the air and I have a shot of vertigo, then again I don't want to be heavy laden and weighed down on the floor. Is there a middle ground? Is the balance exactly even, not... Continue Reading →

139 Words

I am compelled to write. Write about I don't know. Sometimes I'm convinced everything has been already said and all words have been spent. But then I think, 'there is no reason for my own self-defecation. My sweet release is waiting for me to take letters into my own hands. I mold them into my... Continue Reading →

The (Power) Struggle is Real

What is it about power that once within our grasp is so invigorating but in an instant can overwhelm us, swallowing us whole with one gulp. A vicious cycle that ends with destruction and heartache. We can envision in our minds the hero and heroine that breaks through to save the day but is there... Continue Reading →

Stay Calm

Stay calm. The line between them and us Weakens. Alive yes, but death the illusion Clay forms and essence Say the fusion. The friction chills the skin, Open doors, shaken floors Knees move, ache. We are faced with our own Mortality, Allowed to be driven by their Insanity, Although night always seem to come Connect... Continue Reading →

This Is Not Who We Are

Nothing is new, we see the same, recycled images of sick and impoverished children giving us subliminal ideas of what Africa is like. The in-between advertisements wrapped in charity between commercials on basic cable depicting dark faces with flies stuck on them, it's just one of those things that- I know for sure there are... Continue Reading →

My Speech is Fluent

My dialect is affluent, The vowels ring out and resound, Lips parted and wide, There is no obstruction I earned my voice from the Wise.   Regurgitated a lot to keep my mouth from overflowing To keep my throat from choking Things that couldn't be buried underground. Passages of air would get in and it... Continue Reading →

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