All Be Great

We are all born to be great Look at me and you don't see the same Can we rise? I'm not your equal still? Humanity's greatest peril To overstand would take sheer will. I'm tired of praying All the songs have been sung Death seems to be the only option And many just waiting for... Continue Reading →

139 Words

I am compelled to write. Write about I don't know. Sometimes I'm convinced everything has been already said and all words have been spent. But then I think, 'there is no reason for my own self-defecation. My sweet release is waiting for me to take letters into my own hands. I mold them into my... Continue Reading →


This barrier between you and me is something that flutters. It never stays still even when I hold on to it. It's smooth, satin touch is comfort to my hands, I let it go and it dances in the sunlight. I see shadows through it some times and that's when I want to hide and... Continue Reading →

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