MOVE UP: The Dream Chronicles

A new single "MOVE UP: THE DREAM CHRONICLES" is the latest from me, Sam I Am Montolla. I'm grateful to have great, creative people around me to help "my dreams" come true! Produced by Shash'U, the Creator of PWRFNK (Fool's Gold) and the video directed by Jai Nitai Lotus, the brother like no other, who... Continue Reading →

SHOW YA LIGHT The moment has now ARRIVED! Show Ya Light Video from yours truly, Sam I Am Montolla. A Big THANK YOU to Nik Brovkin, Annick MF Gold, Mariel Rosenbluth, Dangerously Elektra, Leah McFly, Ja "Jisgsaw" Britton Johnson, Erich "Mean Jean" Etienne, Cindy McAuliffe and Shash'U. Sometimes you need a little light in your world.

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