A lot has happened to get to this point. What once started as a way to just say what was on my mind in a blog has now turned into a driving force. In the beginning, it was just putting the foot one after the other. Now the direction is searching for what connects source to dance, music, archiving the best we can in the history and tales of Dance, Black History, Music, and Art. Celebrating the people of yesterday and today, who continue to inspire us and are influencing culture. I started this because I felt there was a desperate need to write things down about what was going on around me. It’s about searching for answers and continuing to ask questions. I wanted to write things down for this generation and the next. Hopefully we can be as accurate as possible when telling the story. Sometimes getting the information can be elusive. The heart is in Hip Hop and Street Dances but it’s not limiting to one movement. Everything is connected, from the past to the future and this is about finding the soul in everything. So with this great team of writers, photographers and influencers themselves, this is not only a place for content but a place for creativity to ignite. Searching for truth ourselves, we care to express as honestly as possible.  

Photo Credit: Room Full of Mirrors

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