BE YOURSELF Workshops This January


Sharing with you what I have in store starting in the next 2 weeks. I will be giving workshops using the tools from dance/movement with sound on Zoom.

NOT your traditional class, we are taking the time to go in and ask ourselves who we are and bring out with expression. We want to make this fun and inviting; you don’t need to be a world class dancer for this, just an open mind and an open heart💜

Here is the link to the eventbrite page for deets and tickets:

What to look for in each workshop:

Jan.18th Waacking

We will be using the art of posing, facial expressions, and clothing. We are going back to our origins as stunning beings!

Jan.25th -Hip Hop

Going back to the root with bass, drums and working out our legs and rhythm. Taking our stance in the world.

Feb.1st -Free Movement

This is particularly for us to feel our body and what is natural to us. This is for anyone who wants to explore their own qualities they possess through their movement. Be FREE!

Now anyone can try any of the workshops described here. No professional training is necessary!

Let Freedom ring!!

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