Space Cultivates Culture, History, Life

Space has been on the mind. Space. Outer Space, Creating Space, Making Space. Safe Space; this enigmatic thing we all work to reach and live in. We are all entitled to our space. It’s a crime if someone invades it. Consent should be asked for and expected.

As Creators, we have no choice but to take up space. As dancers performing on a grand stage, space is what we manipulate. We bend, sweep, hop, slide and spin into existence. I guess Space is infinite, a conversation that touches on the ethereal.

We need space to focus; without space, there is no creativity, the space for change is significantly important. Without it, Hip Hop and Jazz couldn’t have been. The Time and Space for the like-minded to come together created an universe we can call as a safe space for many. A moment like Carnival in Trinidad with all its glory, coming into existence because the African descendants had the space to create the celebration we all know as Mas today. Being in time, with circumstance; the new comes from transformation. Pain turned into glamour, romanticizing such things; slavery and the Bronx burning buildings, slapping an OK sticker on suffering. But beauty exists everywhere no matter where it is. As long as there is Space to do so and the people to cultivate it.

Jazz Hip Hop Space
From the top left to bottom right: Nas “Illmatic”, Louis Armstrong, Alice Whitman, The Bronx
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