The Stance

In the age that we are living, things are being discussed that we never thought we would, only within our 4 walls. Equality reign supreme or so we like to move towards. We see women standing, and not because we have started standing, but now there is more space to notice. The Stance, now we speak about without it being subjected to “us, women complaining”. And I’m writing this because heck! Montreal is giving birth to plenty of Girl Power. Let me bring it back, Woman Power.

It only comes with a bunch of us giving each other high fives, creating and coming together. Celebrating our existence and letting go of the limits of what it takes to be a woman, let alone, what it takes to be a functioning human being in this world. And yes, we may still like to wear pink lipstick and high pumps, but that don’t define our capabilities. As usual, it took millions of die-hard fans of Equality for all and decades of conversation, just for now, 2019 the conversation is “normal”. And even then.

But hey let’s stay out of the rabbit hole. I wouldn’t trade it for anything; my body, my powers, my shine.

There are many others that have been and are. The wonders I speak of: Femmes Phenomenales, LeadHers, Lotus Collective and women leading in the movement: Chocolate Jungle, Bust A Move, Urban Element and there are plenty others, it don’t stop there. Pushing the momentum. One thing I’ve seen and experienced is no one is going to give it to you. You got to call on it to be yours and these women have done just that. Not a domineering or cold act of a conniving bitch; we like to give that title, but just being who they are whether soft, hard or neither. These magical collectives happen when people see a need for these things to happen and grow. Hopefully, we don’t need to say “because we are women” but I’m glad I am one. No?

Can we put our hands together for just these people doing the work, trinkling down to the masses?

The Stance


Educational and artistic organization/program lead by none other than Taminator aka Lady Maddripp. She uses Krump as a tool to explore and to inspire girls and women that there is no limits!

Chocolate Jungle

Chocolate Jungle filling the void for a true party jam, commemorating the spirit of Musique Plus’ “Bouge De La” and Much Music’s “Electric Circus”. 2 Marvelous and Smitty in The City started the trend but Leah McFly, 1 half of 2 Marvelous is now the vision and brought it to new heights, being stylist, choreographer, organizer, artistic director and performer. The party is performed everywhere in the city, such as in Just For Laughs Festival and now first time ever in Vancouver!

Bust A Move

BAM was the biggest Street Dance Festival in Canada, starting in 2005, it had a great 10 years bringing dancers from North America and Europe to share, exchange and battle in the styles Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, House, Waacking, Bboying/Bgirling, and highlighting the scene to the fullest. Always bringing legendary dancers and teachers to the masses. Founded by Alexandra “Spicey” Landé.

Urban Element Zone

The Dance School that has brought the latest in the Urban Dance scope here in Montreal, brings it to all ages. Cindy McAuliffe, a dancer herself , creates a space for the dancer with the potential to grow by choosing the right instructors. Standing the test of time for at least 15 years, it is hub for the street dancers to shine.

Femmes Phénoménales

This group of young ladies are making moves and making space for the vulnerability to flourish. Using the medium of Hip Hop to question and start the conversation of today’s societal norms, reinforcing the feminine principle and how that is connected to us as a whole.

Lotus Collective

A live band collective with their core members that leaves space for women, fem, non-binary individuals to use their voice. All female group that has performed all over the city and continue to be prime examples of unity, peace and empowerment.

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