Montreal-Inspired with an African Twist Greetings

The Artist: 
“My name is Khuluwd.
(pronounced ‘Kool-Ood’)
I am a freelance graphic artist for the past 18 years.
Whenever I looked for an ‘African’ greeting card to purchase, I always came across the sames ones.
You had the elephant, a lion or a woman with a child on her back.
Yes, these are legitimate images associated with Africa; these were too simple-minded and common for my taste.
At Khuluwd Designs Boutik, I offer an array of inspirational, abstract and ‘African’ greeting cards
‘If you change nothing. Nothing will change.'”
Khuluwd's Pic 3
Khuluwd's Pic 2

I am going to say  this is the mantra for 2019!


Khuluwd has more in store at her Etsy Shop where there are plenty to choose from.
We love to embrace local talent we have here in the city.
Khuluwd's Pic 4

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