Reminiscing: Songs To Mixtapes

So, It’s my 16th music mix of the year?! Starting is the hardest part, ain’t it?

Out of the blue, December 29th 2017, I’ve made a 2017 hip-hop mix recap. I was reminiscing of the early days using twitter and my relationship with music. I used to be so active on twitter. Networking, reacting, sharing, I was just everywhere at the same time. I ran different blogs, contributed to some and what I enjoyed doing the most was sharing new music and making my own mixtapes. I would select music (no mixing) and zip them in a file, make an artwork cover, sometimes I’d ask a collaborator, tam+sam to make one and pouf it was out there in the cyber space. rs-sk-09-18I would put the latest music in there, music from indie artists, found on blogs etc. At that time, all this media sharing was a new thing. There was no Soundcloud, no Spotify (Myspace was poppin’ tho). I grew up on the mixtape era! Ouh, I loved me some mixtapes! I had fun, there is no doubt about it. I remember going to class and some guy told me about his favorite song off my “tape” and how he was discovering new artists. Nothing come close to that feeling. If we go back, in high school I’ve host a radio show during lunch breaks with my friend. If we go back-back, in my childhood, I used to record my own radio shows on cassettes with my little sound system. Fast-forward in my college days, I was making dance choreographies for my dance crew and I was mixing the music for our shows, and later on, for my own sets. Let’s stop it right here. I think this is love.

I’m very happy I’ve reawakened a passion of mine that is “DISCOVER-SHARE”. I never thought I would push it this far this year to make it an adventure. You see, I’ve always connected with Jazz music but I never took the time to delve into it, understand it, love and cherish it like that! That alone made me hear music differently, even the way I carry myself evolved, I care. Jazz raises my frequencies to the roof. My curiosity drove me to the root of black music not only in America, but in South America. Drums. Obviously I heard the connection to Kompa music, music I grew up on, DNA sounds. My musical trip to Haiti has been the best venture I’ve had …since 2012 I think. Seriously. That musical connection brought me closer to my heritage, therefore to my family history, to my mother who definitely gave me the stamp of approval! I would go to her with the music I just found and she wouldn’t believe her hears. She would start humming, and singing the chorus, get up and start grooving. Music of her childhood. Music from the radio. The best! And Haitian folkloric music is home. I really found a missing piece of me. Voodoo is part of my DNA, part of my family’s story, part of black music period.

So to me sharing those mixes comes naturally. I’m going with my flow. I love that I have no obligation to upload a bunch of mixes for the sake of mass-sharing. I’m no longer in that business. Creating for myself is an inherent act of self-love. It’s something I will keep doing. Mixing feels just like dancing. But I won’t hesitate to share “the gospel” with others, with Us. With that being said, here’s my 2nd Haitian mix. You will hear the Latin influence in Haiti’s music, especially Cuban (due to Haitian migrations to Cuba for work and because of the U.S. occupation in Haiti in 1915). There’s even a song called “Haiti Cumbia” (1969), a folkloric rhythm from Colombia. I’m definitely having fun. We’ll see where this will take me. It’s in God’s hands.

Written by Rose Suzie (RSU)

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