Starting Point

Everything happens here. All at once. There is no old or new, no slow or fast. It is how we see the beat to the street, jazz to hip hop, the Wop to the Tone Wop, ranging from one side to another and all in between. There is a continuum. We may think we are all not connected and that’s a lie. A lie we’ve been telling ourselves for decades. It’s magical. It’s beautiful. More and more, we see how prevalent the world in front of us is. Let’s shed light on that magic, no downplaying here. 

It’s not by chance that music has advanced the way that it has, giving permission for our bodies to move and experience life in safe and “what-we-make-home” spaces. It gives the chance for a lot of subcultures to grow. It’s not by chance, no matter what sound is blaring out of the speakers, it is still the voice of the people, within a time, within a dimension. And how historical that is.

We recall old stories of famines and war, the ugly parts of society and its people, there is a music for every age that sets a tone; a soundtrack if you will, sketching you a picture of an era. The history I am addressing here in this site is the history of a people coming together, the music and the dance, all that helped us survive. More precisely, thrive. That appreciation, I find hugely important to our progress.

Time within Music is something we can play with, stretch out or squeeze like putty in our hands.

Chronological time, the clock next to our desks, wishing we had more of, is monotonous and unswerving.

The beat conductor holds the magic wand creating her own world with her timing. The dancer marks the time with a plethora of moves in his bag. Nothing seems overdone or unoriginal.

“Getting Light” with its 16 punches through the 8 count.

Swing with its swirls, human pendulums defying gravity and relearning each time when they land that law again.

It is for that little moment that we are defying everything we are told.

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