Future Love

“Future Love”

A short film that was inspired by presenting my journey through the medium of Dance, through the love of Hip Hop, love of community, showcasing Montreal dancers, artists, and music makers and more. Connecting the lines, connecting the dots of Hip Hop Culture without confining and  putting limits. In this realm, we create an alternate universe. 


Artistic Direction and Choreography by Sam I Am Montolla

Dance Performed by  Sam I Am Montolla, Junior “Djungle” Dorsaint and Rweg “OP 06” Dantiste

Directed and Shot by Jai Nitai Lotus

Edited by Jai Nitai Lotus & Sam I Am Montolla

Styled by Sam I Am Montolla

Music Produced by Jai Nitai Lotus “Future Love” (Future Love) & Shash’U “DollaX” (The Law of Rhythm)

Poem Written by Sam I Am Montolla

Read by Khaleem

Much Love to all the artists who were involved directly and indirectly in making this film!

Yours Truly.   

Future Love Screenshot (14)


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